The basic principle behind Birthday Kids is to “give life for a birthday” in order to support existing projects initiated by ourselves as well as other organisations. The emphasis is placed on ensuring that donations will go directly to the recipients, that they are verifiable and that administrative costs are kept to a minimum.

"The Cent Experiment"

We are always looking for good ideas to create attainable solutions which make donating easy and understandable. With this in mind we are planning to make a start on the “Cent Experiment”. 

The concept is simple but effective: Suppose for example that you were born in 1965 you donate 65,- cents. What do you achieve when a lot of people donate a little? A lot!

Campaign "Empty Printer Cartridges"

Companies can donate without effort.

It could hardly be any easier:  Regardless of the size of your company or office you can donate your empty printer cartridges.  Bremen based recycling company Demski will provide a collection container of your choice and will pick it up as soon as it’s full.

About us

Birthday Kids - Donate Life

Because of you, dear birthday person, another child gets to live.            

For your birthday I will donate a small sum to somebody who hasn’t got enough to eat so that they can survive.

That’s all there is to the principle behind “Birthday Kids”.